August, 2005


The Plasse Trading Post site up in the hills is a little anti-climactic: there's a plaque with a quote by Kit Carson or somebody and plenty of parking for ATVs and dirt bikes. (An authentic, complete, standing building at the resort is full of pinball and electronic game machines.) Other than a couple of old timbers that look like they could be from a two hundred year old building, the only thing of interest is an unmarked grave ('stone-pile' style) right exactly where the little symbol is on the chart. But you'd never find it if you weren't looking for it - even then I almost didn't.

Up the road a ways, all that remains of the "cemetery" is two or three graves in the same style, one of them looking very much as though it might be that of a child. Again, were there no mark on the chart, you'd walk right through the middle of it and never see any of them.





I used to think, based on the the chart, that the customest little overnight expedition would be to take one of the trails up to Scout Carson Lake, then follow the creek down to Summit Meadow Lake, camp there and the next day mosey on down to Devils Hole Lake and basically follow the canyon all the way around and out.

I am now cured of that thinking.




You look at it on paper and think Oh, that'd be fun! Then you see it and think Hoo Ha!!!




(Left to right) "DH", "P29", Thunder Mountain - from "LNCH"




Devil's Hole Lake, Melissa Coray Peak (dead center on the horizon) - from "DH"




(Left to right) Thimble Peak, Covered Wagon Peak, Melissa Coray Peak - from "DH"




Thunder Mountain, with Crystal Range in the far distance from "LNCH"




Thunder Mountain, with Crystal Range in the far distance - from "P29"






Hidden Lake